About AstechOman

AstechOman is an IT solutions provider based in the Sultanate of Oman. We believe that nothing is impossible and challenge you to try and prove us wrong. To us, innovation is of the highest precedence. Our philosophy of placing our customers at the forefront of our solutions, allows us to tackle problems differently than others. We develop proprietary systems to showcase efficiency and innovation. We aspire to set the standard for quality service delivery and reliability in the industry.

Our aim is to not only meet, but exceed our clients' expectation

In an effort to ensure quality delivery of our solutions, AstechOman came up with the "GAIN" approach. This ensures that delivery of all our solutions is consistent, and in line with our vision of always embracing User Centric approaches to our solutions.

Our Process

In an effort to provide our clients better services, AstechOman coined the "GAIN" approach to ensure quality assurance and service reliability.


We gather requirements from our clients and understand what they need and require from us, so that we can customize an effective and efficient service for them


After collecting the requirements we analyze them and make sure that the client's objectives are in line with the service plan we will propose to them


Based on our analysis of the client's requirements, we suggest innovative and user centric solutions to not only meet, but exceed our client's expectations


After we have successfully implemented our solution, we continuously monitor its performance and suggest continuous improvement based on emerging trends and new technologies which leverage performance gains

Why AstechOman

AstechOman serves a variety of different clients each with unique requirements.
Below are some of the reasons why you should choose us to be your IT service providers:

A team you can trust to deliver

  • We have extensively worked in the areas directly related to multiple IT projects and initiatives
  • Commitment to agreeing specific targets and objectives so that all responsibilities are clear

High quality service each and every time

  • Our approach is to focus on quality throughout the whole cycle
  • Commitment to investing in you and taking time to understand your current business and future changes to your business

An open, collaborative and flexible approach to serving you

  • No ‘one-size-fits-all’ process, but rather a bespoke partnership based around your requirements
  • Communication channels are open, clear and responsive at all times
  • Providing ‘best practice’ feedback and advice on your service requirements, to ensure that our service is in line with the latest standards, frameworks and best practices from across the globe

24/7 Top Notch Support

  • A passion to provide world-class, unbeatable support through comprehensive research, and applying tested & proven methodologies in our process
  • A truly tested and proven support team with recommendations from clients

A uniquely innovative and progressive approach

  • Our long-term strategic vision helps us provide a service that serves both your current and future plans
  • Focus on giving continual improvement throughout the service lifecycle

A fair and transparent fee structure and contract terms

  • A simple, easy to understand fee structure with no hidden charges
  • A simple, easy to terminate service agreement that does not bind you to an annual commitment

Our Core Team

Our team is composed of several key members. Together they are what make AstechOman different from our competitors. Below are our core team members:


Mohamed Al Oufy

Mohamed Al Oufy founded AstechOman in 2013 when he realised of the pertinent need to provide a different approach to service delivery in the sector.

Software Consultant

Rajesh Babu

Rajesh Babu joined our team in 2014 and brought along with him his vast knowledge of application development, business intelligence and system architecture.

Solutions Specialist

Mohamed Gharib

Mohamed Gharib joined the team in late 2013 with a passion to learn and experience in database administration.

Business Developer

Azan Al Busaidi

Azan Al Busaidi joined our team with a user centric approach to serving our clients and a desire to always meet and exceed the client's expectations.